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Austin Senior Movers

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Senior Relocation Services in Austin with Unicorn Moving

Austin is the best place to spend one’s golden years! In 2022, Forbes Magazine listed Austin as one of the best places for seniors in the country. The magazine praised the city for its great restaurants, outdoor activities, and volunteer opportunities. But you shouldn’t pack your bags for the Lone Star State just yet. A move is always tricky, and many seniors have special needs and desires that must be taken care of. This is where Austin senior movers come in. 

Unicorn Moving is an affordable and reliable Austin senior moving company. We serve all of Austin, Travis County, and Greater Austin. We have been in business for 28 years, and each of our 40 employees has an average of nine years of experience. 

Our Austin senior movers help all types of seniors. Anyone who is at retirement age can receive our senior moving services, but we assist people who are not retired or are winding down their careers. We can help anyone relocate to a home, 55+ community, apartment building, senior living facility, and nursing home. 

Want more information about our premium Austin senior moving services? Here is your quick guide.

Why Are Seniors Using Austin Senior Moving Companies?

Seniors work with Austin senior moving companies for many reasons. Many seniors move so they can be closer to their friends and family. Other people need to pursue medical resources at hospitals, senior living facilities, and other centers. The warm climate in Austin can also be helpful to someone’s mental and physical health.

Large homes are always hard to maintain, and you can find a smaller property that is accessible and low-maintenance. Someone may also want to pursue a better job or amenities like fun things to do in Austin. 

Seniors can move into any place of residence, and Austin provides terrific choices for senior housing. When a senior is looking to downsize, they can select a smaller home or an apartment. Some buildings in Austin are exclusively for seniors, but you can also select a generalized apartment building. Veterans can move into homes for veterans. If a senior is looking to save money or if they need help from their family, they can move in with a family member or with a friend. They can also receive medical care and assistance at continuing care facilities.

Considerations for Using Austin Senior Movers

Many people using an Austin senior moving company have challenges and special needs. Many older adults struggle with leaving a home they have owned for years. A lot of emotions may be tied to their property, and they may not want to leave. 

Downsizing has many advantages. But some older citizens find it hard to give up items, even small things that don’t have a lot of emotional or financial value. It can also be hard for someone to decide what to bring with them, and some people bring too many things. 

Family members and friends may not be around to give someone all the assistance they need. Moving requires a lot of physical, mental, and emotional effort. For people who have ongoing health problems, trekking to Austin may be exhausting. 

Fortunately, you can find comprehensive help from an Austin senior mover. The key is to focus on the benefits of hiring a company and go through a few steps to find the most dependable movers.

Why Hire a Professional Austin Senior Moving Company

We at Unicorn Moving understand that it may be emotionally difficult and draining to move. Our team can take care of the entire relocating process for you so you do not have to worry about anything. While we’re packing boxes and shipping your loved one’s furniture out, you and them can focus on more important things.

We offer assistance for anything you need help with. We can declutter a home, including by making donations to thrift stores and running an estate sale. If you can’t pack on your own, you can use our packing services. We can also disassemble furniture, move it out of the home using carts and dollies, and reassemble everything in your loved one’s new home.

Our senior movers work with senior move managers who are licensed by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. If you have any special requests you want to make, you can talk to your manager, and they will fulfill your request. Your manager takes care of many aspects of your relocation, including drafting a moving plan and decluttering the old home.

Cost of Hiring an Austin Senior Moving Company

A few factors can influence the estimate for your senior relocation services. The main factor that affects your quote is your distance from Austin. The farther you are from the city, the more you will need to pay. We charge an hourly rate for a local move, so the more time you spend on the road, the more money you will need to pay. 

You will also need to pay more money if you need specialized services, like piano moving. If you have a lot of bulky furniture and you need a large team of employees to move them, your quote will be higher. The heavier your items are, the higher your quote will be.

We at Unicorn Moving will give you an estimate of how much your move will cost at the beginning of your journey. We can discuss any rates with you. The best way to understand how much your services will be is to give us a call.

Choosing the Best Austin Senior Mover

Weeks before your move, you should start looking at Google reviews of various senior moving companies. The average star rating is a good indicator for the best company. But you should read reviews from customers, especially ones who have used senior moving assistance. See what they have to say about a company’s senior moving management. 

Visit the websites of the companies that still interest you. A website should have statistics relating to how many moves the company makes and what their referral rate is like. If a company seems trustworthy, you should give them a call. Ask to speak to a senior moving specialist and talk to them about moving help for senior citizens.

Once you do your research, you’ll find that Unicorn Moving is Austin’s best company for senior moving help. We have a 4.8 star rating on Google and an 85% referral rate. We are a bonded, licensed, and insured company that provides dedicated vans for all moves. We also offer short-term and long-term storage services in secure vaults.

Ready for Your Austin Senior Move? Call Unicorn Moving

Moving to Austin can give you so many opportunities. It can also create a lot of challenges. Unicorn Moving offers full-service support for any elder moving to Austin, including packing and storage services. We serve everyone in Austin, all of Travis County, and Greater Austin. Get a free moving quote today by calling 512-339-9922.