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Austin Piano Movers

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Moving a Piano in Austin with Unicorn Moving

At Unicorn Moving, we specialize in moving pianos. We understand how extremely heavy yet delicate they are. They are also very expensive and often have sentimental value to the owner. Not all pianos are the same, though, and each must be handled a bit differently. Grand pianos are the largest and most expensive. Baby grand pianos look like grand pianos but are smaller. Upright pianos are less expensive and found in many homes. Electronic pianos are the lightest in weight and typically easy to move.

Regardless of which type of piano you have, you don’t want to damage it when relocating it. As upright and grand pianos can weigh anywhere between 300 and 1,400 pounds and cost anywhere from $2,000 to $200,000, it’s well worth your peace of mind to hire trained professionals who specialize in piano moving to move your piano for you. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the process of moving pianos and how to choose the right team for the job! We service Austin, all of Travis County, and the entire Austin metro.

Why Hire a Professional Austin Piano Mover – Top Reasons

If you’re wondering whether or not you should hire professional Austin piano movers, read on! Here are some of the top reasons why hiring a professional is a great idea:


You want to make sure your valuable instrument is moved safely without damaging the piano, walls, doorframes, or floors, or injuring yourself.

Peace of mind

Our Austin piano moving service can give you the peace of mind you won’t get from friends and family.

Pianos are fragile

As heavy as pianos are, they are extremely fragile. They have over 10,000 moving parts and can be easily damaged.

Pianos are valuable

Besides the high price tag, pianos can have sentimental value that goes way beyond the cost.

You need the right equipment

Expert Austin piano movers have the right equipment, including specialized dollies, wraps, straps, and more, to avoid damaging your piano.

Pianos are heavy

An item as heavy as a piano can be very difficult to move on your own.

You need special training and skills

Professional Austin piano moving companies are trained in the proper techniques needed to safely move a piano. They have the skills and experience a DIY mover doesn’t have.

You need the right truck

Pianos are very sensitive and can be damaged just from vibrations during transport. A reliable Austin piano moving company will have well-equipped trucks and know how to secure a piano so it won’t get damaged during transport.

Austin Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Moving a piano requires more than just muscle and a handcart. When you hire Unicorn Moving, you get experienced professionals who are fully trained and equipped to move your piano safely and securely. They have the right number of movers and specialized piano dollies for grand pianos, baby grands, and upright pianos. They use moving blankets, piano covers, shrink wrap, and more to protect your piano from beginning to end. All the dollies have locking wheels and straps to make sure your piano is secure, and any walls, floors, and doorframes they encounter are safe from damage. Their trucks have ramps or liftgates to ensure your piano isn’t damaged during loading or unloading. Tie-down straps in the truck keep your piano from moving inside the truck during the drive.

All the right equipment in the world doesn’t matter much if you don’t have proper training in how to use it. Our Austin piano movers at Unicorn Moving are specially trained in each type of equipment used. We also stay up-to-date on the latest industry-leading moving techniques. We have every base covered when it comes to delivering your precious piano to your new home safe and sound.

Austin Piano Moving Cost

Every Austin piano moving service is unique and has its own challenges. The factors that go into an estimate for your relocation will be different from someone else’s. The type of piano you have will influence the cost. Moving a grand piano will cost you more than moving an upright. The size of the crew needed is another factor. The more movers you need, the more it will cost. The distance of the move is a consideration, as it is with any type of move. Access to your old and new locations will also impact the cost. Going up and/or down stairs or having to hoist a piano to or from an upper floor adds to the cost as well. Other factors include any special preparation needed, such as some large pianos that may need to have the legs removed first and then reassembled at the new location.

Since every Austin piano relocation is different, the best way to find out how much it will cost you is to give Unicorn Moving a call. We’ll give you a free, personalized estimate over the phone. We offer affordable rates and the best service in Austin!

How to Choose the Best Austin Piano Mover

Choosing the best Austin piano movers can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress. But how do you find the right piano moving service in Austin? You want a reliable, trustworthy, experienced team with exceptional customer service. You don’t just want any moving company to handle your precious instrument. Here are some things to look for when checking on a perspective Austin piano moving company:
Unicorn Moving has a 4.8-star rating based on over 550 Google reviews. We’ve been in business for 28 years, have an 85% referral rate, and less than a 1% claims rate. We are licensed and fully insured. Our movers are highly trained, and our equipment and trucks are top-of-the-line. Why settle for a mover that doesn’t specialize in piano moving? We have the experience and skill to handle your delicate piano move in Austin.  

When you’re ready to hire the best of the piano moving companies in Austin, look no further than hiring Austin movers. You can trust that your valuable piano will be in good hands from start to finish. We service Austin, all of Travis County, and the entire Austin metro. Call us today at 512-339-9922 for your free estimate!