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Austin Packing Services

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Packing, while seeming easy on the service, has the tendency to be one of the most difficult portions of a relocation, be it residential, commercial, or something else entirely. It can be tedious, difficult work that will quickly eat up valuable time better spent elsewhere. Worse, a packing job by an amateur is something that can result in damage or destruction of your precious belongings.

If you choose to hire Austin movers and packers, our service will speed up and make significantly less stressful the entire packing process. Professional packing services will also alleviate the worry of items you’re relocating being damaged during the move. If you need only the very best of Austin packing and moving services, Unicorn Moving’s top-notch packing team is here to help!

Unicorn Moving services Austin, all of Travis County, and Greater Austin, as well as the Austin – Round Rock metropolitan area!

Why Hire Unicorn Moving For Austin Packing Service

Austin house packing services, like the one offered by Unicorn Moving, will provide you with serious stress relief, saved time for other, more important tasks, and a host of other benefits. See this short list of what Austin packing and moving services can do for you:

  • Speed up the process of packing significantly, negating one of the biggest time-wasters on moving day 
  • Saved energy and reduced stress due to the help of a team of trained professionals
  • Ensuring the safety of items and people alike with professional packing methods
  • When pros pack for you, the moving process is much more efficient
  • Every part of the packing supplies, from tape to boxes, will be provided for you by Unicorn Moving’s excellent packing services
  • Austin packing companies use expertise to organize and label boxes
  • Overall increases in both speed and efficiency, making the entire process easier

Unicorn Moving takes pride in the fact that we are the premiere Austin packing company, and have been so for years of studious service! Our Google reviews are excellent and are proof of our well-trained teams and excellent customer service. Your packing experience will be so much easier!

Austin Packing & Moving Services

Unicorn Moving’s Austin packing services are customizable and are certain to have a package that fits your specific needs. Depending on the package you select, all supplies are provided by the company!

Full Packing Service

The full packing service is precisely what it sounds like. Our team of packing experts packs everything in your home or business, taking special care of organization and labeling when the process is finished. This service also includes the disassembly of furniture and preparation of larger items for transport.

Partial Packing Service

Partial packing services can take a variety of forms and are customizable to your specifications. For instance, one might use Unicorn Moving movers and packers to pack only the large items in their house. Alternatively, one might use them to pack a particular area of a home. Partial Austin packing services are very customizable and can always be adjusted to suit your needs.

DIY Packing

If you intend to do your packing by yourself, Unicorn Moving offers packing paper, moving materials, and other supplies for pick-up. These supplies include boxes, shrink wrap, wrapping paper, and other useful items. If you’re planning on saving the most money, this option will suit you well.


This package allows you to enlist the help of trained professionals for unpacking at the location, as everything will be handled by Unicorn Moving’s movers and packers. Unpacking can also be tedious and tough, so this package will allow you to reduce stress and save even more time. Depending on the circumstances, our team will also help you place items around the new location.

Specialty Items

Our Austin packing company also provides packages that deal with specialty items, which includes items such as glass, like mirrors and picture frames, dishes and china, and other fragile things, like lamps. These items tend to be fragile and so need special care during packing. Specialty packing can also include other high-value items, like artworks and antiques.

Unicorn Moving is dedicated to making your relocation simpler and quicker in every way! With these highly-customizable options, your packing experience will be made an easy triviality!

Austin Movers & Packers Cost

Packing services are a great boon to any relocation, but everything comes with a price. No matter what, packing services courtesy of Unicorn Moving will always have an affordable and fair price tag! Like with many other services offered by our company, a packing service’s cost varies depending on a number of factors. 

See a short list of factors below:

  • Type and location or move
  • The quantity of moving materials required (such as boxes, wrapping paper, etc.), or whether it is being provided by the company at all
  • The number of items being packed
  • The quantity of rooms that must be packed
  • Access to the location, how easy or difficult the area is to access
  • Special preparations required for your situation
  • Amount of moving crew required to complete the job

With so many variables affecting the cost of a move, the only way to get a sure estimate of your final bill is a quote. To get one from Unicorn Moving, simply call us or fill out the online form on our website. With Unicorn Moving, our quotes are always 100% cost free!

Unicorn Moving’s service area includes Austin, all of Travis County, and Greater Austin, as well as the Austin – Round Rock metropolitan area!

Unicorn Moving is proud to be the best Austin packing company in the area! You can be sure that our team will make easy and fast what can often be the most tedious and difficult part of any relocation! Call now at 512-339-9922 or fill out our online form for a cost-free quote.