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Austin Moving Help

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If you are planning a DIY relocation and need help moving, like packing, loading, unpacking, or moving heavy furniture, Austin movers for hire offer flexible local moving help for you. You can choose the level of involvement. Basically, moving help by the hour involves taking care of anything you need help with other than the actual transporting of your belongings. Professional movers have the experience, skill, equipment, and strength to pack, carry, and load whatever you want them to. Then you can leave the rest to Uhaul movers. We serve Austin, all of Travis County, and Greater Austin.

Hiring Austin Moving Help & Moving Labor

Benefits of Moving Helpers

Austin moving help offers you lots of benefits. Relocating always ends up being harder than it looks. With labor-only help, you get the convenience of having someone else do the packing, loading, etc. for you, saving you the headache and stress of doing it yourself. You decide how much or how little help you need, giving you flexibility and control over the process.

Packing is one of the worst parts of moving. With our moving assistance in Austin, you don’t have to. Professional movers also save you time because they know how to pack efficiently, and they can load those heavy items faster than your friends can. Safety is a concern when carrying, loading, and unloading heavy items. You don’t want friends or family tweaking their backs or worse. Professional Austin moving help can move heavy items safely, greatly minimizing the chance of any damage. Austin furniture moving helpers are also more affordable than a full-service move. You can save money and still leave the packing and heavy lifting to the professionals.

What Professional Moving Helpers Do

Moving labor services offer all the services a full-service mover does except transportation. When you need help moving, they can pack as little or as much as you want, load whatever you want onto your truck, and/or unload and unpack for you. If you have heavy furniture, they can disassemble and reassemble them for you. Most people underestimate how hard loading a truck is. It’s more than just tossing boxes in and hoping nothing gets broken.

Whether you need help loading moving truck or help unloading moving truck, our professionals will be there. We arrange your items on the truck securely, so they arrive at your new location without damage. At your new home, they unload for you and put your furniture, boxes, etc, in the room where they belong. If you want a labor-only mover to unpack your boxes, they can do that for you. As with a full-service move, professional labor-only movers have the right equipment, supplies, training, and experience for whatever you want them to do.

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Austin

Here are some of the main reasons to hire moving help in Austin:

Load/unload a moving container

A rental container company will deliver a container to your driveway. Most companies offer different size containers at affordable prices, so you can choose the one that’s right for you and your budget. They then load everything into the container for you. The Uhaul movers pick up the container and deliver it to your new address, which means you don’t have to rent a truck or do the driving. At your new location, a professional labor-only mover can do some or all of the unloading for you.

Popular moving container companies:

  • PODS – the #1 moving container company in the U.S., offering 3 sizes of containers.
  • Pack Rat – has secure, temperature-controlled storage facilities and is a great choice if you need temporary storage.
  • U-Haul – available in all 50 states and is one of the most affordable moving container companies.
  • U-Pack – known for its customer support and quick, three to six-day transport.
  • Zippyshell – has the lowest prices in the country and is a great option for the budget conscious.

Truck rental loading/unloading

If you plan to rent a moving truck, labor-only movers will load and unload for you; all you have to do is the driving. Here are some popular moving truck rental companies:

  • Penske – one of the largest moving truck providers in the nation and Canada. They offer 5 different truck sizes and are a top-rated company on Yelp and Google.
  • Budget – offers 5 truck sizes and is a great, affordable option for local moves.
  • U-haul – popular and has the widest availability, with over 21,000 locations and 7 truck sizes to choose from.
  • Enterprise – for local moves only, but they have 214 different truck sizes to choose from!

Freight trailer loading - Freight moving companies

Freight moving companies provide transportation services only and are typically used for long-distance moves. When you hire a labor-only mover to load and/or unload your belongings onto the truck, you don’t have to do anything else except show up at your new home. A benefit of hiring a freight mover is that you can share space on the truck with others, reducing your cost. Here are some of the most popular freight companies:

ABF U-Pack – the leader in freight moving with competitive rates. Only pay for the space you need. Old Dominion Household Services – top-rated freight mover. You can rent a space inside one of their trucks for your residential move.

Self Storage move-in & move-out

A professional labor-only mover can help you move your belongings into or out of a storage facility.


Hire a labor-only mover to do as much or as little packing as you like.

Remodel a home

If you need temporary storage for a remodel, a labor-only service can move your furniture in and out and even disassemble/assemble it if needed.

Cost of Hiring Austin Moving Helpers

The cost of labor-only services varies depending on which services you want. Here are some cost factors to consider when hiring a labor-only mover:

  • Number of supplies/boxes needed for packing
  • Volume of items to load/unload
  • Ease of access to the property
  • Assembly/disassembly
  • How many labor-only movers your relocation requires
  • Time – labor-only moving is charged by the hour

The most accurate way to find out the cost of our labor-only services is to call Unicorn Moving for a free quote.

Hire Unicorn Moving for Austin Moving Help

Not all labor-only services are the same. You want to hire a reliable company you can trust that has years in the business, experienced, trained movers, fantastic customer service, and awesome reviews. Here are some things to look for when hiring a labor-only mover:

  • Yelp and Google reviews
  • How long they’ve been in business
  • Claims rate
  • Number of moves
  • Licensed and insured
  • Proper equipment
  • Awesome customer service
  • Your needs are met

Unicorn moving has 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google, we’ve been in business for 28 years, and we have a 1% claims rate. We are licensed and insured, have all the latest equipment, and have well-maintained trucks. Our customer service is second to none!

Tips & Resources for Austin DIY Moving

Here are some useful tips for your DIY move:

If you’re looking for moving help for anywhere within Austin, all of Travis County, or Greater Austin, call Unicorn Moving & Storage today at 512-339-9922. Our experienced movers will give you as much help as you need.