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Austin Local Movers

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You might think about relocating long distances from one state to another when you think about moving, but the reality is most moves are more local. If you’re relocating to a new home within 50 miles of your current location, your move is considered an Austin local move and you’ll need an Austin short distance moving company.

But just because the move isn’t far away doesn’t mean it will be any less difficult or cause less stress! The experienced Austin local movers team at Unicorn Moving & Storage has worked with enough families to know that most people become overwhelmed when it comes to their upcoming relocation – but don’t worry! We have the equipment, knowledge, and qualified team members to safely get you relocated to your new destination.  

Unicorn Moving & Storage services Austin, all of Travis County, and the Greater Austin – Round Rock metropolitan area.

Hiring Austin Local Movers - Top Reasons

Since you’re here, you’ve probably already decided it makes sense to hire a full service Austin local moving company – and we couldn’t agree more! But if you’re not quite sure why you should hire a company for your local relocation, let us help explain how it will save you time and money. 

Using a professional Austin moving company is time-saving and extremely convenient. When our team comes in, our 28 years of experience organizing, packing, protecting items, and relocating things will make your transition much faster. Having professionals handle the move also offers complete peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about the physical labor of packing or moving furniture and boxes, nor will you have to worry about damage to your fragile items.

Believe it or not, the process can be dangerous, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of heavy or cumbersome items that need to be packed and transported.There is no crew more cautious than the team at Unicorn Moving & Storage – we have an extremely low claims rate of just 1%!

We also include rarranging the furniture in your new home, or disassembling and reassembling appliances and furniture as needed.

Austin Local Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

If you’ve thought about doing your own relocation you probably already realized moving takes a lot of specialized equipment to get everything from one location to the next without damage. With nearly three decades of experience, we’ve expanded our Austin local moving company operations to include all the specialized equipment necessary to handle any relocation need from long distance to Austin short distance moves.

Some of the equipment required for a stress-free move includes:
The best part of Austin local moving services is the ability to deploy the specialized equipment and tools to make your relocation safer and faster.

How Much Does an Austin Local Move Cost?

You might think you could save money by doing the move yourself but the truth is working with professionals actually keeps your costs down for your quote. The factors affecting the cost are varied, but don’t worry – with Unicorn Moving & Storage, you’ll always know what you’re paying and the final price is affordable!

A few of the factors that will affect your final moving price include:
Additionally, with Unicorn Moving & Storage, you can expect to pay higher rates for weekend relocations, but don’t let that discourage you as we are confident you’ll find the services are an ideal use of your budget.

Wondering how much your local move would cost? The most accurate way to find out the cost is to call Unicorn Moving & Storage or fill out a form online to get a no-obligation, free Austin local moving quote.

How to Choose the Best Austin Local Moving Company

Now that it’s clear the benefits of hiring a professional moving company, how do you know which Austin moving company is the best one for you?Just a few minutes of research will help you discover the right company for your needs. 

The easiest first step is to look at customer reviews of any of the companies you’re considering on Yelp or Google. What do customers say about the experience they received? Was the company reliable? Did their items get transported without damage? 

Next, check how long the company has been in business, how much experience their team has, and what their claims rate is. You’ll want to verify that any company you’re considering is fully insured and licensed. Finding a good residential company for local moves near you can be tough – but rest assured, Unicorn Moving & Storage is your choice! We have excellent reviews on Google, and we service Austin, all of Travis County, and the Greater Austin – Round Rock metropolitan area.
If you’re getting ready to complete a local move, don’t delay – call Unicorn Moving & Storage now at 512-339-9922! Save yourself the stress and overwhelm associated with moving and let our experienced team take care of it for you.