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Although Unicorn Moving and Storage has received many awards and other recognition for our services, we are nonetheless human and, on occasion, mistakes do happen. We want to make sure that you have, and understand, all of the options available to you when it comes to protecting your move, including the most comprehensive option: Moving Insurance.

Moving Insurance is supplied by a third-party business, not directly from Unicorn Moving. There are a number of providers out there to choose from, and we encourage you to do your research and choose the one that is right for you. That said, Unicorn Moving and Storage has developed a relationship with two of the most highly regarded and experienced Moving Insurance providers in the industry; their contact information is as follows:

Moving Insurance vs Valuation

While Moving Insurance typically offers the highest level of protection, it’s important to understand that other options are available to you as well, namely Valuation.

Valuation is a service that Unicorn (and other movers) provides that covers goods for any loss or damage resulting from negligence on the part of the movers. Unlike many forms of Moving Insurance, Valuation does not cover any loss or damage due to Acts of God (i.e. floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc) or other things outside of the movers control (riots, strikes, wars, civil commotion etc).

It’s important to understand: Valuation is not insurance. It is not subject to regulation by regulation by state departments of insurance, nor is it subject to traditional insurance concepts.

This article from Moving.com does a good job of explaining the similarities and the differences, and an additional overview is below:

A Brief Overview of Your Coverage Options

  1. BEST PROTECTION: Moving insurance from a third-party provider. A coverage option for both intrastate and interstate moves, this is actual insurance offered by a third-party insurance provider. This insurance is optional and is governed by state law. It is also not included in Unicorn’s basic moving company-provided coverage and must be purchased separately by you via the insurance entity of your choice. See above for some options to consider. Note: When you choose to purchase insurance form a third party, you will need to sign the Waiver of Full Replacement Value on your Bill of Lading (aka the Contract for Moving Service that you sign with Unicorn Moving and Storage). In the unlikely event of a claim, you will be able to collect compensation only from coverage under your insurance policy. By law you cannot collect compensation from two sources
  2. SOME PROTECTION: Full Value Protection (aka Increased Carrier’s Liability) – This option protects your entire shipment of goods, requiring Unicorn to be liable for any lost or damaged items up to the stated value and based on a minimum level of $6.00 per pound times the weight of the shipment. If any object is destroyed, Unicorn will decide to replace the item using one of three options: repair the item, replace it with a similar item, or offer money to replace it at current market value. There is a limit on the replacement value of an item. Any good that is worth more than $100 per pound (jewelry, china, antiques,certain technology) is considered to have an extraordinary value and will not be completely covered.
  3. BARE BONES OPTION: Released value (aka Carrier’s Liability). At no additional charge, this plan is the most economical if you only desire minimal protection. For interstate moves, the mover is liable for no more than 60 cents per pound per item. For example, if your 10-pound stereo system that is worth $1,000 is damaged, you would only be compensated $6 (10 pounds x $0.60). Obviously, with some items, weight is not a good measure of value. That’s why many want to purchase a higher level of insurance. If you do want to go with this option, you must sign the Carrier’s Liability statement on your Contract for Moving Services with Unicorn.


Please keep in mind when considering options #2 or #3 that some circumstances will limit Unicorn Moving’s liability, and might make buying moving insurance more attractive. This includes:

  1. If you pack yourself. Deciding to pack some of your own items to save money may make it challenging to submit a claim if the items are damaged due to your own packing efforts
  2. Failing to inform your mover in writing if any items hold significant value (valued at over $100/lb, such as paintings, fine china, jewelry, etc)
  3. Packing any perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials without informing your movers of these items
  4. Damage from natural disasters, such as a tornado, flooding, etc


We know that this is a lot to take in, but our goal is for you to understand your options, and to feel comfortable with them. Please talk with your Unicorn Moving Consultant if you have additional questions. If you’d like to learn a bit more on your own, please check out these additional resources: