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Top Tips for Moving in the Summer

You should not be surprised if you have seen a few moving trucks passing by lately since it is reported that 70% of all moves in the US take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. With the peak moving season already in action, many people do not realize that this season is a tough time to move because of the sweltering heat. You will have to prepare for the hot and humid weather in addition to having to deal with higher moving costs. Lifting boxes and heavy furniture is no easy task and the summer heat makes it a lot more difficult. To help you handle this hot situation, here are the top 9 tips for moving this summer.

Start Early in the Morning

If you live in a particularly hot climate, do not try moving in the summer afternoon. It is always best to aim for an early morning move if you want to beat the heat. Generally, the heat intensity and UV rays from the sun are the strongest between the hours of 11 AM and 3 PM. These hours are not the best time to make a move.

Early mornings are the most ideal because there could possibly be a 10 degree difference or more at this time. In addition, most moving companies will recommend starting in the morning. If morning times are not available, you may want to consider asking your mover to change the date when moving during the morning is more convenient for you.

Wear the Proper Clothing

When dressing for a summer move, you should follow a few uniform rules. First, choose to wear clothes that are lightweight, breathable, and loose fitting such as linen or cotton.

Use Sunblock

Make sure to cover yourself with plenty of sunscreen. Whether it is a lotion or spray, make sure to cover your face, shoulders, hands, neck, legs, feet, ears, and arms. A sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is recommended in addition to one that is broad-spectrum resistant and waterproof.

Bring Plenty of Water

You are going to sweat a lot while moving items. You may experience some symptoms of dehydration if you do not drink plenty of water. Make sure to bring plenty of cool water for yourself and the movers.

Switch On the AC

You will help both yourself and the movers a lot if you turn on the air conditioner in your home before you begin moving. This will be a huge relief to the movers since they will not sweat a much while moving items.

Bring Portable Fans

If running the air conditioner is not possible, make sure to bring a few portable fans with you. If your electricity is not working, you can use battery operated ones. The garage area will probably not have air conditioning so this is one place that you will need to set up a fan.

Keep Cold Towels Around

Fill a cooler with ice then fold and roll several damp washcloths and place them in the cooler. Let them sit for a few hours and then keep them nearby throughout the moving process to help stay cool.

Watch Out for Heat-Sensitive Items

Heat sensitive items, especially electronics, may not be able to handle sitting in a hot moving truck. Make sure to pack these items separately and keep them in a cool place.

Be Aware of Overheating Body Symptoms

During the moving process, if you feel headaches, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, general confusion, or seizures, stop immediately, get to a cool place and drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist, you make need to seek emergency medical help.

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