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Tips for Moving to the Suburbs

If you are like many people today, a move to the suburbs looks like a great idea. With numerous employment opportunities, affordable housing, low crime rates, and great schools, there’s much the entire family can like about making this move. However, before jumping at the chance to buy what looks like the home of your dreams, there are several things you will want to take into consideration.

Consider Your Needs

Before you go ahead with the big move, take a moment and consider the needs of you and your family. Since suburban living will offer a stark change of pace, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible. Along with doing online research of local schools, health care, and the cost-of-living, actually spend some time in the area you’re considering calling home. By visiting a local coffee shop or attending some local events, you’ll get the chance to talk to residents and get a true feel for the place.

The Long and Winding Commute

If you will still be working in the city, you’ll need to take your daily commute into consideration. For many people, the stress associated with increased traffic congestion and spending an hour or two getting to work can interfere with sleep, exercise, and getting to sit down with their families for meals. Therefore, to ensure the pros outweigh the cons, it’s best to have a commute of no more than one hour.

Purchasing a Car

If you’ve lived in the city for years, chances are you didn’t need a car. However, in the land of suburbia, that will change. Along with the commute to work, you’ll need a car to do grocery shopping, chauffeur the kids to soccer games, and much more. But while you’ll have more freedom with a car, you’ll also have increased costs due to upkeep and insurance.

Use an Experienced Realtor

To find the best suburban home, use a realtor who knows the area and has years of experience helping families make these moves. By working with a realtor who knows the various neighborhoods, you’ll be able to find a home that will fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Research Local Schools

For parents, making sure their children receive a quality education is one of their main reasons for moving to the suburbs. Therefore, be sure to research local schools before making the move. To find the ratings for schools near your new home, do some online searching, and if possible talk to other parents so you get a feel for the schools your children will be attending.

Find the Perfect Home

Since your suburban home will probably have far more space than the smaller home or apartment you had in the city, remember to consider the additional costs that will come with furnishing and decorating it for your family. By starting ahead of time purchasing furniture and other items, you’ll be move-in ready from day one.

Use Professional Movers

To make your move to the suburbs as easy as possible, use an experienced moving company, like Unicorn Moving, that can easily navigate traffic, steps, and much more. By doing so, you’ll alleviate much of the stress associated with these moves.

By considering all of these important factors, your move to the suburbs will be everything you imagined and much, much more.

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