Tips for Alleviating Household Stress During a Move

Moving to a new home or residence can be stressful even under the most ideal conditions. From staying organized throughout the process to dealing with last minute issues and obstacles, there are numerous concerns that must be addressed in order to ensure a successful move. With so much going on, it becomes all too easy to overlook the specific needs and concerns commonly shared by younger members of the household. From making new friends to enrolling in a new school, children are often under just as much stress as adults and concerned parents would do well to learn more about opportunities that may allow them to ensure a smoother, easier and more successful transition.

Making an Effort to Involve Children in the Decision Making Process

Even moving a short distance to a new neighborhood can have a huge impact on a child’s sense of stability or security, and long-distance moves commonly leave children feeling powerless which may further increase their stress levels. While it may not always be possible to involve children in every decision, making an effort to ask their opinion or providing them the opportunity to influence or even make during the packing process or on the day of the move can make a big difference. Bringing children to tour prospective properties, providing them with greater autonomy when it comes to decorating their new room and making an additional effort to explain major decisions and the motivations behind them may help to minimize the future issues and problems that families typically experience during a move.

Establishing and Maintaining a Routine

Maintaining a feeling of stability in the face of so much change can be very difficult for children. Maintaining the regular schedule or set routine that was established prior to the move is a very effective way to minimize the disorientation and emotional insecurities that children often experience. Adhering to a set bedtime, keeping the same morning ritual and ensuring that children’s rooms, homework and play areas are the first to be unpacked and setup may go a long way towards ensuring children are able to enjoy a move that is more comfortable and less stressful.

Finding Ways to Introduce Children to Their New Surroundings

In addition to maintaining an established routine, households may benefit from finding ways to introduce children to their new surroundings in a positive light. Group activities, organized sports teams and classes that will allow children to involve themselves with others while pursuing their interests and hobbies may provide them with more positive feelings about their new home. The chance to meet other kids their own age, socialize with those that share their interests or interact with other children outside of school can provide valuable opportunities to make new friends and ease the adjustment process commonly experienced when moving to a new neighborhood and transferring to a new school.

Planning a More Effective and Successful Move

With so much going on, proper preparation is often crucial for ensuring a successful move. Having so many issues that need attending and details that require attention can make it all too easy to overlook the needs of children during a move. Parents who make extra efforts to involve their children in the process, establish a routine or who go out of their ways to ensure their kids are able to explore their new environment effectively may enjoy greater success in their efforts to ensure a less stressful move.

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