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Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City

You’ve decided to move and make a fresh start. Then, it’s time to decide where is the best place to move. Before you decide to call a new city your home, it’s important to research the area based on how you’ll spend your time and what’s affordable.

Let’s break down different, essential costs, needs and wants to research, to make the best decisions on a new city.

Housing Costs

When you research the costs of housing in areas you are considering, first decide if you want to be a renter or a home buyer. There are some cities more accommodating to renters, with many units available. This helps keep prices lower, there is more competition for renters. If you want to rent in a city with primarily homeowners, it may be a tougher search for an affordable rental. Choose cities which are friendlier to your situation.

Ongoing Expenses

It’s an important aspect to check the prices and costs of necessary goods and services to see where they fit into your budget. Ongoing expenses such as electric, cable TV, internet service, and other utilities are going to take a chunk of your budget each month, so it’s important to do a comparison between cities to determine affordability.

Other goods and services you’ll need to look at are groceries, gas, and other means of transportation if you don’t own a car. If you are planning to commute by public transportation, look at what’s available and its costs. Also, look at commuting times from neighborhoods you like to city job centers, where most employment is located.


If you work from home, where you live in relation to where jobs are centered isn’t an important factor. Since you work from home, you can be more flexible in where you decide to settle. If you work outside the home, take a close look at the job market in the city you are considering.

Examine closely the job market for industries you’re interested in. The unemployment rates and job openings vary from city to city, so ensuring there are opportunities in your field will make the job search easier in the new place you call home.

Quality of Life

There are cities that have an arts and cultures focus, others may be sports towns, yet others may emphasize outdoor activities due to warmer weather most of the year. Once you decide what’s most significant for you, then research what a new city has to offer in those areas.

For example, if you like going to sporting events, see if there are arenas and teams in the new city that you’d like. If art and culture are your entertainment preference, see how many galleries, museums, and other cultural activities and events are available. If you enjoy the outdoors, consider cities in warmer climates with lots of parks and trails.

The Neighborhood

Examination of what each neighborhood is like should include school quality levels, income statistics, and crime rates – all important factors. You want to feel safe in your neighborhood, and knowing these figures are good indicators for ensuring your safety.

It’s key to research the most significant aspects of what life will be like before you decide to move. There will be vital differences, so knowing what is and isn’t available helps you make an informed decision.

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