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Storage Units’ Hidden Treasures

As seen in numerous storage war shows on TV, the majority of storage units are not bursting with expensive objects, like precious metals, rare finds, and antiques. Most objects discovered in storage units are valuable solely to the individual who keeps them there. On the other hand, every so often, if these units are cast off and auctioned, genuine possessions are revealed behind them.

Below are five hidden treasures unearthed in forsaken storage units:

Hidden Treasure

In California, a man purchased a storage unit at Contra Costa County auction for $1,100. He found bars of silver and gold, Spanish silver coins, and gold doubloons that are valued at $500,000 inside the unit. The valuables were concealed within a plastic Rubbermaid container. The plastic container was incredibly weighty, because it was packed of precious metals, and it required three men to transport it out of the storage unit.

Costly Cars

Certain stylish cars that are too risky to leave in a driveway sometimes wind up in storage units. A replica of the well-known “KITT” from the TV series “Knight Rider” was found in a storage unit and was allegedly retailed for $100,000. A rare discovery by auctioneer Bill Flair was the 1966 Shelby Mustang, which is one of the 1,100 pieces ever built. It was estimated at around $200,000. The vehicle’s collectability has been positioned high because the car was once retained by the prominent Carroll Shelby.

Unreleased Music

There were in excess of 250 unreleased Michael Jackson tracks discovered in a neglected storage unit. A number of the songs were taped with Tina Turner. All of the tracks were completed throughout the time the King of Pop was undertaking recording deals.

Star’s Secret Gems

The objects unearthed in a well-publicized storage unit, which was once retained by Burt Reynolds, wound up developing the groundwork of a museum in Florida that was devoted to the actor. Amid the objects in the storage is a horse carriage, which was constructed for him by Dolly Parton, a message from his doctor about a spleen surgery following a car accident, and the well-known Deliverance canoe.

Valuable Antiques

An additional exceedingly lucrative discovery in storage units is the antiques. The record-setting bidding war, which was commenced at a monstrous $10,000 and paid at the highest bid of $27,000, is for a couple of storage units that are full of antiques. The antique lot was assessed at $100,000 at an auction in Virginia. The unit was formerly retained by a World War Two general who was an ardent amasser of antique objects. The unit encompasses papers from the Civil War, which contained forms displaying signatures of earlier United States presidents, antique books, collectables, paintings, and furniture. Furthermore, it holds the well-known cane that was once held by Harry Truman.

Storage units are used by individuals from diverse walks of life; from progressive persons to regular families, and to a number of the most renowned individuals in the world. When they are forsaken and auctioned, their hidden cherished objects are revealed.

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