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Simplify Moving in Bad Weather

Texas has seen a lot of rain recently, with flooding affecting most of the state. Spring and summer are popular moving times, and rain (or other precipitation) can make any move much more complicated than normal. When moving, you need to think about the safety of your possessions, the new home and yourself. The following tips will make moving in the rain or snow easier.

Dress for the Weather

The first step is to dress for the weather. You want to dress in layers when moving. This will allow you to put on or take off layers so that you stay comfortable without being exposed to the elements. Wear an appropriate overcoat or slicker. This will prevent you from become soaked and potentially causing damage as the water leaks off your clothes or wicks into other items.

Minimize the Time Spent Outdoors

You want to minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the rain or snow. One way to do this is to shorten the distance from the moving truck to the front door of your residence as much as possible. Park as close as you can even if it is a little awkward. Alternately, there might be a service or back entrance that is closer to another area where the truck will fit. Minimizing the time you are in the bad weather will reduce the chance of any damage or accidents.

Use Protective Covers for Your Possessions

Your possessions are at risk when exposed to rain or snow for even a few minutes. Moisture can damage electronics, cause mildew to grow in furniture or warp wood. It can also destroy papers and books. Use protective covers for all your possessions. The best option is a plastic drop cloth or tarp that will fully block the precipitation. You just need to cover the items when they are outside in the open. Do not set them down on the ground until you are inside. Cardboard boxes are strong but are still very susceptible to moisture, so be careful how you pack.

Prepare a Wide Path

You want to prepare a wide path from the back of the moving truck to the entrance of your building. This is especially important when it is snowing. Clear away any obstacles. Shovel away snow and remove debris like wet leaves that could cause you to slip in the rain. Give yourself extra space on all sides. Clearing out a path is going to allow you to move everything inside much faster and safer.

Protect Your New Home or Apartment

Take a minute to prepare and protect the inside of your new home or apartment before starting to move. You are going to be bringing in a large amount of moisture. Put down some towels, mats or old sheets around the doors. Leave some extra towels in an easily accessible area to dry off anything that gets wet. This will help to prevent the rain or snow from causing problems with your new home.

Work With Friends

A final tip is to work with friends. A few friends can make sure everything is moved inside quickly and kept out of the rain or snow. A friend could hold umbrellas or other covers in place to keep everything perfectly dry. You could even use friends to form an assembly line.

Planning ahead and taking precautions can make moving much simpler when it is raining or snowing outside.

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