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Seven Things You Forget to Do Before Moving

When it comes to moving, there a lot to remember and a lot to pack. In most cases, you find yourself moving from every corner of the house to another in despair thinking you forgot something. In the end, you stay awake the whole night worrying about what you might forget. If you occasionally find yourself in such situations, worry no more. We have a comprehensive list of common things that people forget when packing.

Cancelling Subscriptions

Subscriptions may include a gym membership or any other service you pay for on a regular basis using a credit card or any other means of payment. Unfortunately, these recurring charges will keep on accumulating in the credit card while you are preparing to leave for a new place. If you have important subscriptions like medicines or mail, liaise with the service providers to make necessary changes to the addresses. Most preferably, cancel all the subscriptions that eat into your credit card one month earlier before the actual day.

Organizing your car insurance

Each state in the United States has different set of regulations that control auto insurance. The insurance rates can differ as well as the level of coverage. If you are moving to a new state or a different city, you need to monitor your auto insurance transition closely to ensure everything goes smoothly and perfectly. Contact your insurance provider two weeks before you move to determine the deadlines and regulations for changing your coverage and address.

Changing your address

US postal service has an effective online platform that enables its consumers to change their addresses conveniently whenever they move. The correct home address will ensure you get all the mails in time. It also ensures you are reachable. When moving, make sure you change the address two weeks before the actual date.

Organizing yourself financially

Most people forget their financial affairs when moving despite it being a crucial factor. According to experts, everyone should set up a system that makes moving from one home to another smooth. Set up monthly bills to automatically pay. This way, you can ensure there is on time payment for such bills in the whirlwinds of movement. You can delegate the financial obligations to a specific household member who will attend to any financial element or need in the family at this time. He or she will also be responsible for handling unexpected costs.

Take photos of the electronic components

You need to take pictures of all the electronic components while assembled. This way, you will have an easy time when reassembling them in your new place. You should do this one day before you pack them.


Packing the plants

If you have a special plant lying in a pot outside or inside the house, you may want to move with it. To avoid leaving it behind, come up with a list of every plant you want to pack. Carefully dig them with a shovel and put them in big buckets during transportation. Do this at least one day before you move.

Setting aside one box

It’s a good idea to set aside one box one day after you move to your new place. Pack small items such as cleaning supplies, towels and utensils. Also, don’t forget to congratulate yourself for the hard work.

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