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Preparing For An Easy Long-Distance Move

Moving day. Those two little words can make anyone overwhelmed, especially if the move is across the country. School, work, family, adventure, there are any number of reasons people move long distances. The logistics of such a move are often intimidating, however, with a little planning a long-distance move can be as manageable as moving across town. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Purge the Clutter

Moving is a perfect time to sort through your things and get rid of anything that you do not need. Everything has to come out of the closets anyway, so sort as you go and rid yourself of any clutter that has collected. A garage sale is a great way to sell the things you are done with and can earn you a little money at the same time. Donating the items is a good idea if you do not have the time or desire to sell them. Whatever method you choose, getting rid of items means fewer things to pack and move.

Take Stock

Inventory the remaining items and stay organized. This step may seem like more hassle than it is worth, but keeping things organized can help avoid problems later. It gives you an idea of the number and size of boxes needed, as well as the size of moving truck needed. You will also quickly see if anything is missing when you arrive at your new home.

Create a Budget

Do some research to discover what different moving companies charge and if they offer discounts, such as off-season discounts. It is worth taking time to explore your options. Some cost cutting methods including doing your own packing or going fully DIY. Be sure to check with your employer if you are moving for a new job, your new company might help cover expenses.

Check Out Alternatives

Shipping boxes to the new location can be less expensive than moving them. Look into the rates charged by airlines, buses, and delivery companies to see how they compare. Be wary though, sometimes boxes are lost in transit.

Be Efficient

Pack carefully and fill each box fully because most movers and shippers charge per box. Be sure to pack anything fragile or valuable with extra care and sufficient padding. Using dish towels to wrap fragile glasses, dishes, or china is a great way to pack efficiently, since you need to pack both the towels and breakables anyway.

Enjoy the Trip

Whether you are driving or flying, try to give yourself a little extra time to make the trip. Plan a route that will let you stop along the way to visit interesting places, stretch your legs, and enjoy the journey. Make the most of the opportunity to travel across the country.

Plan for the Unexpected

A long-distance move can have unexpected delays no matter how well you plan. Prepare for these by giving yourself plenty of time to make the trip, and bring along some extra cash. If everything goes well, you can use the extra time to unpack at your destination.

Complete the Move

Once you arrive at your destination, all that is left is unpacking and getting settled. Now is the time to reap the rewards of all your planning with a little relaxation; after all, moving is hard work.

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