How to Minimize Stress When Relocating Your Office

If you and your business are planning on relocating to a new location, you’ll definitely need to comprehensively plan for a variety of factors in advance in order to manage the moving process competently. Whether your new office space is located close by or far away doesn’t have a lot of bearing on how stressful your move will ultimately be if you fail to account for important obstacles when physically carrying out the move, and you will also need to remember to update your digital information for your clients’ sake.

Planning and acting early with help from your employees

Begin planning your move three months in advance of it, if not more, so that you’ll have the time to assess every aspect of the impending transition. In addition, your employees ought to remain informed of your plans so that they can do their part to minimize hassles on their end when the day for the move arrives.

In regards to your side of the process, you should look at every piece of furniture or equipment and decide which should be transferred and which would be better off donated to charity or securely disposed of. While various charities can accept both electronic equipment and physical furniture, this part of the process should be done well in advance of the move because those charities cannot be relied on to pick up your unimportant items on short notice.

For everything you have decided that you will move, divide the more essential items from those that are less so and pack them into distinctively-labeled containers. That way, both can be unpacked at your new location quickly – though the equipment that’s most vital for the running of the business should remain unpacked and in operation until the very day of the move.

Typically, a business can only afford to close for one business day and the following weekend, affording you little time to finish moving. If your office normally provides its services online, you should consider assigning one employee the temporary role of a client contact that can provide customer support even while you are moving.

Digitally moving in a secure fashion

Any electronics you intend to dispose of before the move will need to be wiped clean of all personal data so as to minimize the risk that your business’ security will be compromised. As deleting all surface-level files off a computer does not truly remove the data from it internally, seek detailed guides that instruct readers on how to purge all data from devices such as computers and tablets before going about disposing of them. Once you’ve done that, look into what donation programs and recycling programs you can rely on to give away your items so that they will not potentially turn up as e-waste that can damage the environment.

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