Last-Minute College Move? Tips for Speed and Simplicity

It has been a great summer, and you and your young college student have made the most of it. Summer jobs, vacations, swimming holes…there’s a lot to keep us from preparing for that return to school. Here are a few tips for a smooth and quick transition back to campus.

Gather Your Supplies First

Thinking about filling up a couple of spare boxes you’ve had lying around first? Think again! You’re in a time crunch – stop your packing flow to leave your house and refill on supplies and it’s going to be hard to get going again. Having everything you’ll need together from the start will work wonders on your productivity.

Think of the variety of boxes you will need, keeping in mind that small boxes are best for books, which your student will know all too well can be quite heavy! At Unicorn, we work hard to offer the best deals on packing materials by buying and selling new/used boxes. We will even buy back the boxes you don’t use, so you won’t have to stress about unnecessary waste.

Be Okay with Not Packing Everything

If there’s one good thing about last-minute packing, it’s that people tend to get a little more ruthless in their sorting. Now is the time to be honest: what do you really NEED for college? Your willingness to part with things that are no longer useful to you will save you time and precious energy. So get to work tossing things between two piles: “keep” or “donate.” (Next time you can plan ahead and create time for a “sell” pile too.)

Pack a Box of Needs

When sorting, keep a box or two set aside specifically for items you will be using right away. This could include cellphone and laptop chargers, a water filter, cups, towels, toilet paper…anything that will help to have at hand in an empty dorm or apartment.  A coffeemaker may even be a good idea to power you through the unpacking process.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

This is a special time in a young person’s life and there are probably plenty of friends and family members that would be delighted to help them make their transition. Take advantage of it! Just make sure you have a clear picture of what you need help with before you get started.

Don’t forget that we’re here to help too! Unicorn offers expert packing services for projects large and small. We could even help by simply offering instruction and strategy if you are set on tackling things on your own.  Give us a call at (512)339-9922. We would love to hear from you.

Good luck to all the new college students out there!

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