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How to Keep Your Pet Feeling Secure During Your Move

Moving can be a very stressful activity, even more so if you are moving with pets. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make moving with your pets easier. Below are some tips for keeping your pet comfortable on the way to their new home:

1. Start Planning Ahead Of Time

Moving is always easier if you start planning ahead of time. You will need to make sure that your pet’s tags are updated and contain your name and cell phone number. If you have not had your pet microchipped, then you may want to consider doing so before the move. It will be easier to locate your pet if he or she has a microchip.

Furthermore, if your pet has had car sickness in the past, then you should talk to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend certain medications or dietary changes that may reduce anxiety during the trip.

2. Find A List Of Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you will be moving a long distance, then it is important for you to find some pet-friendly hotels ahead of time. You may also want to reserve your room ahead of time.

3. Keep Your Pet In A Crate Or Closed Room On Moving Day

Your pet may be scared by all of the sounds and activities of moving. He or she may even attempt to escape the home. That is why it is a good idea to keep your pet inside of a safe, closed space until you are ready to leave.

4. Try To Stick To The Same Schedule

It will be a lot easier for your pet to adjust to a new home if his or her schedule does not change. You should try your best to stick to the same feeding, walking and bedtime schedule for your pet. You may also want to consider making a few changes in the new place so that your pet will have an easier time adjusting. For example, if your dog is used to using the doggie door to go in and out, then you may want to consider setting one up in the new place before he or she arrives.

5. Bring Your Pet’s Favorite Things

You should wait a while before introducing new things to your pet. It will be easier for your pet to get adjusted to the new home if you try to make it look like his or her old environment. You should bring your pet’s favorite toys, crate, bed and other items. You should also put them in the same places that they were in the other home.

6. Give Your Pet Extra Attention

Many pets will develop behavioral problems because they feel unsure about their new environment. They may also try to hide. That is why you should give your pet extra attention and affection. Extra affection can help reassure your animal and eliminate your his or her anxiety.

We hope these simple tips will keep your pet’s spirits high during your move! For more helpful tips on moving animals and more, check out our moving articles.

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