How to Transition to a New Home

Whether across town or across country, moving is a time of upheaval and can be stressful for the whole family. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and it is difficult to leave and settle into a new home. Memories of holidays, lazy Sundays, hectic weeknights, and family dinners were created in your home. It is important to take a break from the chaos of moving to remember and to say goodbye. There are some very simple things that you can do to help your entire family transition from the old house to the new one.

Savor the Little Things

Take photos of the spaces in your home that have meaning to you. Any place that you may want to revisit later, you should document. Savor the memories that will inevitably arise as you are packing up your belongings. Taking photos of the process of moving can help your family say goodbye to your current home and get excited about your new home.

Make the Space Your Own

Leave something behind in your old home. This could be a letter to the new owners with some tips about the home or some memories that you want to share. Your family could also leave sharpie signatures on an unfinished basement wall or a time capsule in the attic rafters.

After the move, clean the new house for a fresh start. Then paint or decorate the space until it feels like home. Play your favorite music and do what you can each day. Settling into a new house takes time and is stressful, so try to make time to enjoy the new space with your family.

Help Everyone Transition

Before the move, discuss the move with each of your children and allow them the chance to voice their opinions and ideas. It is important to develop a plan for the old house and the new. If everyone in your family knows what is expected of them, then it will be easier to organize and transition to the new space. Divvy up tasks for your children to accomplish and allow them to make decisions about their individual spaces. Allowing your children to have a voice and to help with the move can be stress-relieving for the whole family.

Moving can also be difficult for animals. Dogs and cats can be easily overwhelmed by a new space. Show your animal around the house and let them explore with you. After that, confine them to a safe space with their food, water, and bed. After you are a bit more settled, help your dog adjust their daily habits to the new space. Cats should be kept indoors for a few weeks to keep them from trying to return to your previous home.

Celebrate the Old and the New

Make some time to say goodbye to your old home in your own way. This could be one last family dinner or a small get-together of neighbors to celebrate the time that your family lived in your home.

It is also important to celebrate your new home. A housewarming party is an excellent idea to showcase your new home and relax after your family is settled. If it is in your budget, purchase something new and exciting for the new house. However your family chooses to celebrate, enjoy your new space by creating new memories.

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