How to Have a Green Move

If you’ve moved before, you already know that moving is never easy. There’s always a last-minute mad dash for the inevitable forgotten item, a lost checklist, hot tempers, and maybe an upset kid or two.
But as our environmental awareness grows, so does our knowledge that moving just isn’t the best thing for our environment. From the gas we use when moving, to the packing that we use once and throw away, and even the items we decide to just literally toss to the curb, it can really be a burden to the earth.
So how might you achieve a greener move?

Clean Green 

Whether you’re hoping to get your deposit back or planning on selling your home, cleaning before you move is pretty much a must. By using green cleaners (from more expensive mainstream brands to the tried-and-true baking soda and vinegar methods), you can get your rental or home looking sparkling clean without the use of harsh and damaging chemicals.

Splurge on Recycling

While some areas charge extra for the use of recycling bins, it’s still worth it to invest in them during the lead up to your move. We’re not just talking about your cardboard boxes and plastic bottles, either. Many places, from the post office and library to electronic stores and resource recovery centers, have recycling systems for some or all of the following: Used paint, varnish, and stain cans, microwaves and old TVs, small electronics and power cords, and even household batteries. Recycle when and where you can to make your move all the greener.

Donate & Save

Rather than putting all of your unwanted furniture and ‘junk’ on the curb for the garbage guys to pick up, try donating them to local charities and thrift stores. Not only can some big ticket items earn you tax deductions, but it can help keep unnecessary waste out of landfills as well as help out someone else!

Plan an Efficient Trip

The moving company you choose won’t be the only ones loading up a vehicle and making a trip to your new place! Planning a gas effective trip can help make your carbon footprint even smaller. If you’re moving over a long distance and think you’ll need to stay the night somewhere, be sure to plan the most direct route to that place. Driving a few miles under the speed limit wouldn’t hurt, either!

Turn Over a Green Leaf

The grass can be so much greener on ‘this’ side of your move. Once you’ve moved in, keep practicing a greener lifestyle. It’s a great way to save money, feel better, and know that you’re doing the right thing not just for yourself, but for future generations.

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