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How To Avoid Losing Items When Moving

Your move to a new home is a long process that involves every item you have collected over your lifetime, but you run the risk of losing items when you are working with an inferior mover. Turn your move into a simple process using the suggestions in this article, and you will hold on to all your personal belongings as you move from one home to another.

Pack And Label

Packing boxes for your move is a complex process that takes time, but you cannot rush through packing to get the job done. You must pack and label every box for your move, and you may create an inventory using the labels on the box. Write down what is in the box, where the box goes and the number of the box. You can ensure that you arrive with as many boxes as you packed, and the box will go to the right room immediately upon arrival.

 Double-Check Your Inventory

You must check your inventory as the boxes are packed onto a truck, and the inventory must be checked again when you arrive at your new home. Project managers for moving companies do this work every day, but you can do the work yourself with a bit of careful planning. No one will be confused about the contents of a single box, and you will have complete confidence in the packing job you just completed.

Pack The Truck Carefully

Packing a moving van or truck is not as easy as it sounds. You must pack the truck carefully, and each box must be stacked properly. Boxes that are stacked too high will fall, and heavy boxes sitting on top of a stack will crush other boxes. Hold your boxes in with furniture, and ensure that all furniture is strapped down using the straps inside the moving van.

Padlock The Truck

All moving trucks must be padlocked for your safety and security. The truck door could open any time, and your items could fall out of the truck. The padlock keeps the door closed, and a thief will not have time to break into your truck without raising suspicion. Purchase a padlock for a few dollars at the hardware store, and you will instantly have all the security you need on the road.

Drive Safely

Obey the speed limit for the entirety of your drive, and ensure that you are following all recommended routes to your new home. Taking a lovely drive in the country is not advisable with everything you own sitting in the truck. Highways are much smoother than surface roads, and a direct route to your new home decreases your chances of being in an accident.

Pack Everything Precious Up Front

You may use the cab of the moving van to pack precious items, or you may drive the most delicate items over in your personal vehicle. Protecting anything fragile from the largest items you own is a simple task, and you will have your eyes on these collectibles or breakable items the whole trip. Leaving these items to languish inside the truck could be a recipe for disaster.

Your move to a new home should be a joyous occasion. This article will help you plan your transition, and you will execute the move in a simple manner. Take the coordination of your move upon yourself to ensure that nothing is lost or broken.

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