Hosting or Attending Clothing Swaps: A Mover’s Guide

Clothing swaps involve exchanging clothes with others to discard unwanted items and pick up new, more desirable ones. Clothing swaps include swapping shoes and accessories too. They are set up much like swap meets. Swapping, or trading, items is not new. People have been trading since the beginning of time; however, money became one of the objects for trading, which is typical at swap meets. A clothing swap literally involves trading clothing for clothing without the use of money. However, donations often go to the host’s designated charity. All clothing, shoes and accessories that are left unclaimed are donated. The concept of clothes swapping occurred in the late 1990s, and the benefits of clothing swaps are numerous.


Clothing swaps are economical. Changing out old clothes for others can save thousands of dollars, depending upon how often you shop. It’s an excellent way to pick up brand name clothing without paying for it. There are even times when clothing is brought to a party with tags still on it. Moving can be expensive, but having the ability to update your wardrobe without spending extra helps with the costs. It can also help those who are starting a new job look their best.

Excellent Finds

Clothing swaps help people to get hard-to-find items. Every season brings new patterns, colors, cuts and other variations in clothing. Finding a Marc Jacobs jacket in a particular color can make someone’s day. People never know what to expect when they go to clothing swaps. They are often amazed by what comes through the door. Only items that are clean and fashionable enough to lend a friend are brought to the parties, so people know that they’re receiving quality items. Shopping can create a hit-or-miss scenario; however, clothing swaps offer only the finest.

Green Shopping

Clothing swaps help the environment. With less people shopping, less industrial waste goes into manufacturing clothes and using up resources. In addition, less people frequent stores, which can potentially save on electricity, gasoline and vehicle pollution. This can be particularly helpful for someone who is moving and does not have a lot of time to find new items. They can find everything in one centralized location and trade out their old clothing quickly.


Clothing swaps assist with Spring Cleaning. Most everyone loves to shop, but sometimes shoppers who purchased clothing at the store realize that an item isn’t quite what they wanted. People often bring items that don’t fit or look right on them, and they discover someone else who it looks better on. This arrangement makes everyone happy. Before relocating, it is in your best interest to de-clutter your household so that packing and transporting items is less tedious. Even if you don’t find new stuff at the swap, that just means less to move!

Social Events

Clothing swaps offer people a way to mingle. Everyone gathers their unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories, then it is all put up together. Food and drink is served while people shop. Clothing swaps make it easy for the shopper to ask the original purchaser information about the clothing, shoes and accessories they brought. Once you’ve moved, it could be beneficial for you to have a clothing swap at your new place in an effort to meet new neighbors and friends.

Clothing swaps offer a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Charities receive donations, friends and neighbors update their wardrobes and the whole thing is cost-effective and efficient.

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