Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is an exciting, memorable time for high school and college graduates. It signals a major life change unequaled by many other events in life. It is a great time to honor graduates for achieving their goals by giving them thoughtful, distinctive gifts. Selecting the right graduation gift for a graduate requires some careful thought and planning. Graduates always appreciate unique, practical gifts that convey congratulations for their accomplishments and best wishes for their future endeavors. Whether they are graduating from high school or college, they are embarking upon new adventures as they enter the next phase of their life. Gifts are an appropriate way to applaud their achievements.

High School Graduates

For high school graduates who have always lived at home with their parents, heading off to college can be both frightening and exciting at the same time. Living in a college dorm will require some adjusting and many items to properly equip a dorm room. The necessities needed for living in a dorm make great gift ideas. Many practical gift items will help make this transition much easier and less costly for the new college student.

Practical Dorm Room Items

All dorm rooms are equipped with basic furniture such as a twin-sized bed, nightstand, study desk and a dresser. Colorful sheets, bedspreads or comforters, throw pillows and blankets make great gifts that add warmth and comfort to an otherwise generic dorm room. Some small portable appliances such as a coffeemaker, crock-pot and toaster-oven help students save on eating out when not dining in the school cafeteria. If allowed, a small mini refrigerator and microwave make great gifts that will be appreciated. Since storage is a problem in a cramped dorm room, a trunk is a practical gift that provides extra storage and can be used for extra seating.

Personal Items for Dorm Students

A gift of a good alarm clock will help keep the student on time for class. A lap desk and a bedside lamp make a great gift for late night studying. A gift certificate for a coffee shop or restaurant or cash will certainly be a favorite gift.

Gifts for College Graduates

College graduates will be entering the working world as they begin the careers for which they have been preparing for at least four years. Because they will be moving out of a dorm and into an apartment or house, they will appreciate gifts for their new home. They have probably been getting by with cheap dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and small appliances. A matching set of dinnerware and cutlery will make an impressive gift. Table linens, kitchen appliances such as a blender, mixer, electric skillet or crock-pot are necessities for apartments or houses.

Personal Gifts for College Grads

Practical gifts such as grocery gift cards and cash help when establishing a budget for the first time. Decorating items such as pictures, candles and furniture throws add a personal touch to new surroundings. A DVD player, a set of basic spices and a selection of gourmet coffees make wonderful housewarming gifts for the recent college graduate just starting out.

Both high school and college graduates deserve recognition for a job well done. Giving gifts that suit their personalities and person preferences is a way to show pride in their accomplished goals and extend wishes for a great future.

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