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Austin Used Office Furniture | 6 Best Austin Office Furniture Liquidators & Showrooms

Austin Used Office Furniture 📌 | 6 Best Austin Office Furniture Liquidators & Showrooms

Last Updated on: 17th August 2023, 07:00 pm

If you’re a company seeking office furniture for your business space but don’t have thousands of dollars in the budget to spare, you should consider buying refurbished or used office furniture. While brand-new business furniture provides a sleek, modern appearance to your space, that’s not to say you can’t accomplish the same effect with pre-loved pieces!

Opting for pre-owned office furniture is great for the environment and your company credit card; you can save upwards of 80% when shopping second-hand. And the best part of it all? Buying previously-owned furniture doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of the items. Many used office furniture stores in Austin remanufacture and refinish their pieces, ensuring grade-A quality for your business. 

Here are the six best Austin, TX used office furniture stores we could find. These outlets will provide you with the office furniture and services you need to complete your business space revamp!

Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture & Tips

Purchasing used office furniture in Austin over brand-new pieces comes with various benefits. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but it can also be more time-efficient. For example, new furniture can take up to six weeks to be delivered, whereas most office furniture outlets can deliver recently purchased items within 48 hours.

Opting for previously owned items reduces your environmental impact—Americans contribute 12 million tons of furniture waste annually. And everyday office items like desks, chairs, and tables can take nearly 13 years to decompose. Lastly, purchasing brand-new furniture isn’t a good investment; furniture value depreciates around 25% within the first five years of purchasing it. In contrast, when you buy top-quality used office furniture, the resale value can be as high as 75%! Another perk is that the IRS allows you to deduct the amount spent on used furniture..

While used and pre-owned furniture is a great option if you’re seeking the most affordable rates, refurbished furniture should also be considered. Refurbished office furniture can be a better investment as it’s typically in “like new” condition and may last longer. Refurbished or remanufactured furniture is essentially second-hand office furniture that goes through a comprehensive refurbishment process. This process replaces, refinishes, and remanufactures the entire piece, resulting in a nearly-new product that is ready to showcase in your new office location!

Smart Buy Office Furniture | A One-Stop Shop for New & Used Office Furniture in Austin

Smart Buy Office Furniture has top-quality new and used business furniture options. They’re one of the top used furniture stores in Austin and are known for having plenty of affordable pre-owned office furniture and equipment. Their inventory consists of new cubicles, new office furniture, close-out office furniture, scratched or dented office furniture, and used office furniture. You can get pre-owned office tables, desks, chairs, cubicles, and other office equipment at a deeply discounted price.

Their used pieces are typically marked down 50% to 75%! Smart Buy also provides useful services like used furniture removal, office furniture rental, and delivery and installation. Most of their used pieces are like new and sent back due to manufacturing errors or shipping mistakes. Smart Buy is a family-owned and operated company; they provide great customer service, and their knowledgeable staff ensures you choose the ideal pieces to complement your professional space.

Smart Buy Office Furniture Location and Hours

TOPS – Texas Office Products & Supply | An Austin Used Office Furniture Store With Used and Customizable Refurbished Cubicles

TOPS provides quality office products and supplies to Austin and surrounding areas. Their inventory includes cubicles, desks, work tables, conference tables, filing cabinets, chairs, and other necessary supplies and office equipment. TOPS is one of the largest used cubicle providers in Central Texas; browse their large Austin warehouse to see what they have to offer! Their pre-owned cubicles are roughly 2/3 less expensive than new or refurbished cubicles. They come in various sizes and colors and are install-ready.

Refurbished cubicles are another great option. TOPS refurbished cubicles are used cubicles with replaced finishes, fabric, paint, and trim, resulting in a “like new” product! While these are pricier than used cubicles, they’re customizable (you can choose the trim, color, and fabric to match your office decor!) TOPS always provides quality frames from name brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, and Steelcase.  

TOPS also offers various professional services, including space planning and design, cubicle installation, cubicle reconfiguration, and laminate fabrication.

TOPS location and hours

Cox Office Furniture | An Austin Office Furniture Outlet Offering New and Used Office Furniture at Affordable Rates

Cox offers new and used furniture options. Their new pieces are chosen from a catalog, where you can customize each product to meet your office space needs. However, their used furniture warehouse provides plenty of affordable options; imagine saving thousands of dollars in furniture expenses! You will find countless used office furniture pieces in their showroom; they have products like office chairs, desks, shelves, filing cabinets, and more. Cox Office Furniture is the place to go when you’re seeking Austin used office furniture.

COX Location and Hours

Office Furniture NOW! | An Established and Well-Reviewed Austin Used Office Furniture Store

If you’re looking for office furniture in Austin, Office Furniture NOW is the place to go! They have been serving the Central Texas area since 1997 and will deliver and install new, used, refurbished, and pre-owned collaborative office furniture at an affordable rate. Aside from their high-quality used office furniture inventory, they offer services such as office design and furniture consultants, project management, space planning and design, workstation re-configuration, furniture removal and storage, and delivery and installation.

Their quality furniture line includes new office furniture, a high quantity of used furniture, and new, refurbished, or pre-owned workstations. They also offer new, remanufactured, or pre-owned chairs, and carry popular brands like Herman Miller, Teknion, and Sit On It. Office Furniture NOW! was even granted an innovative environmental practices award by the Austin Chamber.

Office Furniture Now location and hours

Lindsey’s Office Furniture | 5-Star Used Furniture Store in Austin

Lindsey’s office furniture is a highly-reviewed, 5-star Austin used furniture store! While they have their fair share of new office furniture, they also have a large selection of high-quality pre-owned office furniture, including items like desks, seating and chairs, tables, filing cabinets, and other storage necessities. Lindsey’s carries high-end brands such as Knoll Morrison and Global Evolve. Not to mention their refurbished cubicles (which can save you thousands of dollars!)

This full-service dealer has been serving the Austin, Texas, area since 1987 and provides one of the largest office furniture selections in the US! 

Lindsey’s Office Furniture Location and Hours

Office Furniture Plus | Austin Office Furniture Outlet Providing High-Quality Products and Services

If you’re looking for used business furniture in Austin, office furniture plus is a great option! They offer various services along with new and used office furniture pieces, and Austin used office equipment. Their resale products include bookcases, cubicles, workstations, filing cabinets, office appliances, chairs, and office decor and lighting. Their pieces are sleek, refined, and ready to complete your lacking business space! They boast brands such as Knoll, Herman Miller, and Allsteel. They even provide unique services such as used office furniture liquidation and office furniture repair, refurbishment, and cleaning.

Their used and refurbished furniture pieces are a cost-effective solution to your costly Austin office furniture needs! They will pair you with all the office space essentials, like tables, chairs, desks, cubicles, and more. This well-known office resale store is ready to provide you with great care and plenty of furniture options.

Office Furniture Plus Location and Hours:

Austin Office Furniture Map

If you’re in the process of relocating to a new office space and need assistance transferring your office furniture, our Austin office movers will gladly lend a helping hand. We provide a wide range of commercial moving services; our officer movers are highly-trained and have the experience to get the job done! Call Unicorn Moving at 512-339-9922 for a free estimate.

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