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Austin Moving Costs [2024] | 🚚💰 How Much Do Movers Cost in Austin TX? [Tips, Data, Estimates]

Last Updated on: 28th July 2023, 07:32 pm

Moving isn’t just stressful; it’s also expensive, whether you hire movers or do it yourself. You probably already have a lot on your to-do list, but make sure you put some time into preparing a moving budget. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to plan ahead and minimize your moving costs!

This guide will help you understand typical moving expenses, what to expect with Austin moving company rates, and how to reduce the cost of moving. We are only addressing local moving costs or moves within the metro area. These moves are typically done with hourly mover rates unlike long-distance moves which are priced differently.

Factors Affecting Moving Costs in Austin

Many factors that influence the cost of movers in Austin – some are obvious, but some are not so apparent! As a general rule, it helps to remember that you are paying an hourly moving rate. Anything that makes your move take longer will increase your cost.

Here are the biggest factors that affect how much it costs to hire an Austin moving company.


The total distance between your origin and destination is a major factor and one of the first questions movers will ask when you request a free moving estimate in Austin. Think about how long it takes to drive from your current home and new home, then remember that it may take longer if there will be traffic or a large truck needs to take a different route.

Type & Volume of Household Goods

The biggest factor to understand, and the one most within your control, is the volume of household goods. It stands to reason that the more you’re moving, the more your move will cost. However, don’t forget that this increase is compounded if you’re paying movers to do the packing and unpacking too.

The type of items you’re moving is also important: are you moving anything that requires a team, special equipment, or extra effort? That means your move will take longer and your moving costs will be higher!

Moving Date

Some moving company prices are the same regardless of day or season, but others have rates that change depending on demand. In general, you should expect higher moving company prices during the weekend and summer which is peak moving season. You may also pay more to move during the start and end of the month because movers tend to be busier.

Packing Services

How much of your move do you plan to do on your own? You will pay more for full service moving in Austin that includes packing. While packing services give you peace of mind and save time, packing will be done at the same hourly moving company rate.

Packing services are easy to customize, though, to stay within budget. The average cost of movers in Austin is lower if you take care of some of the packing yourself or do the unpacking.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of packing materials! You can supply your own or have the movers bring the supplies they need like moving boxes, tape, and specialty boxes. Austin moving companies can usually provide supplies at a lower cost than big box retailers!


How accessible is your home or apartment? How easy will it be for movers to travel back and forth to load the truck? Accessibility is frequently overlooked, but it plays a big role in estimating moving costs!

Here are just some things to consider:

  • How far away will the truck be parked? The closer to your front door, the faster and easier it is to load or unload.
  • Does your home have stairs? Are there heavy or large items that must be moved up or down stairs?
  • Does your apartment or condo building have stairs or an elevator? Stairs are faster, but more physically exhausting for the crew. Elevators are actually slower for most moves!
  • Does your building have a service elevator?
  • How close is your unit to the service elevator or stairs?

It may not seem like a big deal, but parking at a loading dock and using an elevator versus parking right in front of a home can easily add an hour or more to your move.

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Furniture that needs to be disassembled and assembled will add to your moving cost. Unless you do it yourself before they arrive, movers will need to take apart sectionals, remove and wrap furniture legs, secure doors and drawers, and disconnect appliances.

Specialty Services

Do you have items that require special handling, specialized equipment, or a team to move? This may include pianos, antiques, large mirrors, and pool tables. When you estimate moving costs, remember that these items take longer. Some moving companies may have an additional fee for certain items.

Other Costs

Depending on the movers and the services you need, there may be other costs to consider. Some movers may charge fuel fees, for instance. Your moving budget should consider easily overlooked moving costs like:

Full Service Movers vs DIY Moving in Austin

Not sure if professional movers are worth the cost compared to a DIY move? Before you take on your move yourself, consider that moving is consistently ranked as the most stressful major life event. The amount of planning, challenging physical labor, and long hours it takes to move shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here’s why it’s worth paying Austin moving rates to get professionals handling your relocation.

  • No heavy lifting, repetitive bending, or risk of injury
  • Reduced risk of your belongings being damaged
  • Save countless hours and get peace of mind with full or partial packing
  • Enjoy a home that’s move-in ready with unpacking, furniture assembly, and furniture arrangement
  • You don’t need to rent and drive a large moving truck on busy Austin highways
  • Professionals arrive with the skill, supplies, and equipment needed for a fast, efficient move

Average Moving Costs in Austin | Austin Moving Estimates

When you request a moving company quote for a local move, you will get an hourly moving rate that includes a specific size crew. The standard mover rate usually includes two movers. A larger crew will have a higher hourly rate, but your move can be done faster and may save money.

To help you estimate moving costs in Austin, use the following information and the quoted rates you receive.

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Austin

Your apartment moving cost for a studio or one-bedroom apartment is easy to estimate: plan for a team of two movers to take 3 to 6 hours.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apt in Austin

A two-bedroom apartment or condo usually needs 3 to 6 hours with a larger crew of three movers. You will pay the higher hourly moving rate, but your move will take the same amount of time as a smaller apartment.

Cost to Move a Home in Austin

Consider the size of your home to estimate your cost. Smaller homes may take three or four movers about 4 to 7 hours. A three- or four-bedroom home takes 10+ hours with an even larger crew. Remember that a ranch home will be on the lower end of this scale and a two-story home will take longer.

Tips to Save Money on Austin Movers

  • Sell or donate furniture you don’t want to pay to move. Try to schedule furniture pickup and downsizing a few weeks before moving day because you may need to wait for an available pickup time.
  • Give your property manager, landlord, front desk staff, or HOA notice and get instructions for moving day. You may need to book elevator time or follow certain procedures. This reduces potentially costly delays!
  • Save money on moving by handling anything you feel up to doing yourself. This includes packing the easy items, getting organized, disassembling furniture, and even bringing some boxes to the ground floor.
  • Schedule your moving date for a weekday if possible.

How to Choose an Austin Moving Company

Moving company rates aren’t the only thing to consider when hiring professional movers! To get a seamless, worry-free, and efficient move, it’s smart to do your homework.

  • Choose a licensed and insured mover to protect yourself
  • Movers should be background checked, uniformed, and experienced
  • The company should have a fleet of well-maintained trucks and the necessary equipment to handle your move and types of belongings
  • Look for a low claims rate
  • Ask how much experience they have with similar moves
  • Check reviews from past customers
  • Watch for red flags like a high upfront deposit, only accepting cash, refusing to provide a written estimate, or confusing terms and hidden charges

Unicorn Moving & Storage has earned a reputation as the best Austin moving company. In fact, we’ve been voted the Best of Austin movers 6 of the past 8 years! We have 28 years of experience providing superb customer support and customized moving solutions with a low claims rate and 5-star reviews. We only hire experience movers – our team members have 9 years of moving experience on average! That’s why 85% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers.

Additional Austin Moving Tips

  • Tipping movers in Austin isn’t required, but it’s always appreciated for a job done well! The rule of thumb is $5 per mover per hour, $25 per mover, or 15-20% of the total moving cost.
  • Schedule utilities to be turned on the day before moving day to make sure you have at least electricity and water on.
  • Download our Ultimate Austin Moving Checklist so you don’t forget anything important and your move stays on schedule.


Hiring professional movers in Austin gives you the stress-free, efficient moving day you deserve. Give us a call at Unicorn Moving & Storage for a free Austin moving quote. Our Austin local movers will go above and beyond to make this move your easiest relocation ever!

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