Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Texas Turkey!

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes Thanksgiving appetites. When it comes to the traditional turkey, nothing beats the flavor of a Lone Star State bird. Whether you want to shoot the bird yourself or choose to purchase the tasty main course, you’ll find Texans knows how to prepare and serve the ideal holiday fowl.

Hunting For Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Of all the game in Texas, the turkey is one of the hardest to get. Their ears can register noises from as far as a mile away while their eyes are the keenest when it comes to Texas game. Of all the hunted animals in Texas, the turkey will definitely test a hunter’s skills. Bagging one of these beauties is a prize to be proud of.

Just one hundred years ago Texas almost lost their turkey population. Their habitat was slowly disappearing and hunting was unregulated. Urban areas were taking over, and hunters were bagging more than their fair share. Thankfully, restocking programs and bag limits have allowed turkeys to make a big come back in the lone star state. They now can be found in 223 counties. If you want to hunt for your Thanksgiving bird this year, go to any of the approved Wildlife Management Areas or public hunting lands.

Purchasing the Perfect Holiday Bird

Ask any Texan where the best place to purchase your Thanksgiving bird is and they quickly direct you to the Greenberg Smoked Turkey headquarters near the Louisiana line. Greenberg Smoked Turkey was founded by Samuel Isaac Greenberg in 1938, and it is still owned and operated by the Greenberg family. By the end of the holiday season they will have sold over 200,000 turkeys at roughly $4 a pound.

The succulence of these pit-cooked birds is a tradition in many Texas homes. Each large breasted, short legged fowl is hand trimmed and jabbed with a knife six times to ensure the spice mix flavor penetrates the meat. Hand trussed and smoked to perfection, these birds are a Texan favorite. It is not uncommon to find lines winding around to the outdoors with people anxiously awaiting the opportunity to purchase one of these fabulous birds.

Preparing a Tasty Texas Turkey

This process is simple: baste and stuff the bird just as you would for roasting. Place it in a roasting bag with the breast side down. Set it in a roasting pan in the middle of the grill, and use the outer burners to keep it at 350 degrees for three hours. You’ll end up with a quickly cooked bird that has crispier skin and juicier meat.

Best of all, you’ll be freeing up valuable oven space for all of those wonderful side dishes. Turning your holiday meal into a November barbeque will be sure to satisfy even the biggest Texan sized appetite.

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